Mrs. Josephine B. Abney

Abney Hall is the residence where Mrs. Josephine B. Abney lived. She and her late husband, John Sydney Abney AKA “Brother Abney” (son of John Pope Abney, who was the founder of Abney Mills), built the house in 1962 in Greenwood, SC. This magnificent house is a little over 15,000 square feet and sits on 500 acres of beautiful land. Mrs. Abney, a Greenwood native, was a lifelong philanthropist, who devoted much of her time and effort towards supporting educational institutions, hospitals, charities, and other noble causes. Always quick to smile, Mrs. Abney possessed a sense of humor and wit that often caused her friends, family, and audience to feel no choice but to smile too. She lived a long and meaningful life until the age of 101. The goal of Abney Hall Events, LLC is to honor Mrs. Abney by having customers enjoy the land and property of Abney Hall for their special events.