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Wedding & Event Venue Near Orangeburg, SC.

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Your Magic Moment Awaits

Your wedding day. Without a doubt, it's one of the most significant events you will ever experience - when you and the love of your life officially seal the deal and get married. On this day, your friends and family will gather to celebrate the next step in your life. Photographers will be running around snapping photos, catering plates delicious food for guests to enjoy, and the DJ sets the mood for a night of fun and libation. You've worked extra hard to make everything look perfect and run smoothly. You have examined every moving part down to the tiniest detail. At the center of all your effort is your wedding venue in Orangeburg, SC.

Your event space can mean the difference between an unforgettable event and an average occasion. Capturing your uniqueness as a couple is paramount to a memorable wedding. But, without the right venue location and staff, your unforgettable event can turn into a painfully average occasion. Fortunately, at Abney Hall, you won't ever have to worry about dingy reception spaces and crummy chow halls.

Constructed in Orangeburg, SC, in 1962, Abney Hall is 15,000 square feet and sits on 500 acres of land, making it a large wedding venue unlike any other. Abney Hall was originally the home of Mrs. Josephine Abney, a Orangeburg native who was a lifelong philanthropist. Mrs. Abney devoted much of her time and effort towards supporting charities, educational institutions, hospitals, and other noble efforts. Today, Abney Hall stands tall as a symbol of love, both in our community and for the couples who choose to get married here.

Abney Hall is an exclusive event experience unlike any other, surrounded by verdant forests and sparkling ponds. Our venue is a natural fit for several occasions, including:

Special Event Space Orangeburg, SC


 Event Venue Orangeburg, SC

Bridal Showers

 Event Space Orangeburg, SC

Bridal Portraits

 Rehearsal Dinner Venue Orangeburg, SC

Rehearsal Dinners

 Bridal Shower Venue Orangeburg, SC

Corporate Events

 Business Event Space Orangeburg, SC

Much More!

 Wedding Space Orangeburg, SC

The Top Wedding Venue in Orangeburg, SC

The beginning of your life starts at Abney Hall. With our team by your side, we can create the fairy tale wedding you have dreamed about since childhood. Whether you have 100 guests or 1,000, our waterfront ceremony locations and French-inspired courtyard are perfect for your big day. Celebrate in luxurious style surrounded by shady magnolia trees, a private forest, large ponds, and the beauty of Mother Nature. While our venue location and aesthetic have been praised far and wide, so too have the practical aspects of Abney Hall. Looking for a relaxing, comfortable spot for your bridal party to get ready in? We offer an entire floor in the Abney Hall residence to get the bridal party ready. Want to make your groomsman feel extra-special too? We've got a private, plush house just feet from a sparkling pond that is a proper hangout spot for the guys in your group.

To make life easier on you, we also offer Abney Hall as your go-to spot for rehearsal dinners. Why book an expensive restaurant or travel to another location when unmatched beauty and convenience are right at your fingertips? Abney Hall is just the place for that very important dinner the night before your big day. We are also happy to host your bridal shower at Abney Hall. Our venue makes for one of Orangeburg's most unique bridal shower settings, where your family and friends can gather to give gifts and be merry before you walk down the aisle.

With such a large, magnificent house and a vast property, Abney Hall also makes for an unforgettable location for your bridal portraits and other wedding-related photography needs. Don't take our word for it - book a tour and see for yourself why so many new brides and grooms choose Abney Hall as their wedding venue in Orangeburg.

 Wedding Venue Orangeburg, SC

What Sets Abney Hall Apart from Other Wedding Venues in Orangeburg?

You've already found the person you want to spend the rest of your life beside. The next step? Finding the perfect wedding venue for your ceremony, reception, and celebration of your lifelong commitment to one another. Remember, the backdrop for photos, dancing, eating, and all other activities will be at your wedding venue. That's why we work so hard to set Abney Hall apart from our competitors - so you and your guests can focus on love and living your new life while we work with your vendors and photographers to make your magic night a reality.

Here are just a few reasons why guests choose Abney Hall as their wedding venue in Orangeburg, SC, along with some helpful tips from our experienced wedding venue staff:

Venue Size

Choosing the appropriate-sied venue for your desired guest count is a critical decision. A venue's capacity affects the number of people you need to consider having at your ceremony and reception. As you're first starting out, we recommend having a guest count in mind as you're searching for the right venue. Try to stick with that number. You may fall in love with a particular venue, but if its max capacity can't accommodate your guest count, it may be time to cross them off your list.

 Corporate Conference Hall Orangeburg, SC
Abney Hall Pro Tip

Abney Hall Pro Tip:

Keep in mind that this is your big day. You shouldn't feel obligated to invite the college roommate you shared a dorm with for one semester. At the end of the day, your wedding venue should be one that can accommodate those closest to you. Abney Hall is equipped for both small and large weddings, consisting of 500 acres of forest, ponds, and lush natural beauty. Whether you want an intimate wedding with only your best friends or a grand ceremony with hundreds of people, we have the right amount of room to make you comfortable.

Location and Nearby Lodging

On your big day, you're likely to have friends and family traveling in from other parts of the state or country. These folks will need a place to stay during and even after your wedding. Accessibility and ease are important factors when it comes to choosing your wedding venue for both you and your guests.

Located in Orangeburg, SC, Abney Hall is situated in a memorable, natural setting, giving your wedding a private vibe in the midst of Mother Nature. While we pride ourselves on having a secluded wedding event space, our venue is within an easy driving distance of hotels and vacation rentals.

Abney Hall Pro Tip

Abney Hall Pro Tip:

When you contact us for a tour, make sure to speak with our experienced venue manager about nearby hotels and shuttle service options. We understand that your guest's comfort and convenience are important, and we're happy to work with you to figure out the best way to get your guests to Abney Hall.

Venue Staff

At Abney Hall, our staff has earned its reputation as one of the industry's most friendly, accessible teams. We will provide you with a purpose-minded point of contact that can help answer questions relating to timelines, preferred vendors, and every aspect of your wedding. When you tour our wedding venue in Orangeburg, SC, for the first time, we want you to feel like you have all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

We would be happy to go over:
  • Venue Pricing
  • Ceremony Specifics
  • Reception Specifics
  • Catering Possibilities
  • Decorating Possibilities
  • Entertainment Options
  • Photography and Photo Opportunities
  • Venue Amenities
  • Bridal Party Needs
  • Groomsman Needs

At Abney Hall, our goal is to be your first resource when it comes to setting up and coordinating the details of your wedding day.


When it comes to your wedding's decor, you probably already have a few ideas in mind. We love it when our brides and grooms have a vision in mind because one of our greatest joys is turning that vision into a reality. At Abney Hall, our team is available to help you and your decorator fit, accent, and accommodate your fairy-tale wedding - whatever that may be.

Are you looking to dress up your wedding with decorations galore? Just want to add a few accents that tie into your preferred color palette? Abney Hall is versatile and ready to help however we are able.

 Reception Hall Orangeburg, SC

Abney Hall Pro Tip:

If you're thinking about bringing in your own greenery, lighting, floral pieces, and more, we recommend discussing your vision with us on your initial tour of our event space. That way, we can get a head start on making your big day exactly how you envision it.

Photo Opportunities

10 years from now, when you and your spouse are celebrating your anniversary, you will pull out photographs from your wedding and will reminisce about the unforgettable time you spent at Abney Hall. Your wedding photos will be with you forever, and as such, we work closely with you and your photographer to suggest extra-special photo op spots that you can only find on Abney Hall grounds.

From the grand staircase and French-inspired courtyard to our manicured gardens and lovely pond, there is no shortage of photo-op locations for your photographer to choose from. As one of the most popular wedding venues in Orangeburg, SC, we have worked with dozens of photographers over the years.

Our experience has allowed us to cultivate a list of preferred photographers - all of whom have the talent to take your pictures to the next level in a setting they're familiar with. We encourage you to check out our gallery to get a sense of the scope of our wedding venue and gain inspiration from other happy couples.


Abney Hall Pro Tip

The gallery on our website is extensive but be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as well. We keep our social pages updated with recent wedding photographs, giving you an incredible resource that you can use for your own photography purposes.

Special Event Space Orangeburg, SC

The Premier Corporate Event Venue in Orangeburg, SC

Abney Hall is known across the United States for our stunning weddings, but we also play host to some of the largest corporate events in South Carolina. Why choose a bland, lifeless meeting space when you can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature coupled with a professional atmosphere? If you have an important team-building event or corporate conference that you have to coordinate, look no further than Abney Hall.

The epitome of class and style, our corporate event space is large, lavish, and chock-full of onsite amenities for you and your co-workers to enjoy. If your team needs a morale boost, don't bring them to the local Olive Garden for a cheap lunch. Treat them to a refreshing experience in our main dining room, where we can work with you to incorporate your catering options with the goals of your event.

When the hard work is done, and your team needs a breather, what better way to relax than with a quick dip in our pool? To burn off a little steam, head over to our brand-new tennis court - the perfect place to get some exercise in an ultra-private setting while you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Don't forget to bring your fishing poles for a couple of hours of fishing. There's even an opportunity to go hunting if you wish.

 Event Venue Orangeburg, SC

Elegance at Its Finest - Only
a Phone Call Away

If you're ready to learn more about Abney Hall as your wedding venue, don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear more about your plans, your vision, and your needs. We know that planning a wedding isn't easy. It takes time, attention to detail, and a whole lot of patience. Our goal is to help provide you with all the info you need to learn more about our venue. Once you decide on a date, we'll work closely with you and your vendors to craft a wedding experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Our available dates for your big day are going quick, especially during peak seasons like spring and fall. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Contact us today for a FREE initial consultation
 Event Space Orangeburg, SC

Latest News in Orangeburg, SC

SC State celebrates Veterans Day with service members past and present

ORANGEBURG, SC (WOLO) — Since the 1940s, South Carolina State University has a long tradition of producing minority leaders in the US Army through its ROTC program.The school with the extensive military history celebrated Veterans Day Thursday with a special program featuring some of the school’s alumni.“Being a part of South Carolina State ROTC program, we like to brag a little bit. 22 generals and counting,” said SC State graduate and lieutenant colonel Herbert Gamble.Gamble spoke Thursday at hi...

ORANGEBURG, SC (WOLO) — Since the 1940s, South Carolina State University has a long tradition of producing minority leaders in the US Army through its ROTC program.

The school with the extensive military history celebrated Veterans Day Thursday with a special program featuring some of the school’s alumni.

“Being a part of South Carolina State ROTC program, we like to brag a little bit. 22 generals and counting,” said SC State graduate and lieutenant colonel Herbert Gamble.

Gamble spoke Thursday at his school’s Veterans Day program.

“It’s an opportunity for us who currently serve or have served to say ‘I did this thing.’ President Conyers said something cool earlier. I’ve been on a lot of great teams, but the best team I’ve been on was in the Army,” Gamble said.

Gamble recalled his days in SC State’s ROTC. Students from Claflin can also get into the program.

“I needed something regarding leadership and integrity. There’s a lot of programs at Claflin but I decided to come to South Carolina State to do ROTC,” said Claflin student and ROTC member Casey Fore. “It helps me with guidance, PT and things that help me create leadership and a foundation for the rest of my school years here.”

An SC State graduate and veteran remembers coming to Orangeburg without any plans of joining the military.

“I just wanted to go to university and pick up a degree, but I tried the program. It’s an open opportunity for every person,” said SC State graduate and retired lieutenant colonel Anthony Watson.

Now, the retired lieutenant colonel helps out with his alma mater’s ROTC program. He says part of the program’s success is thanks to the support of the school’s alumni.

“It’s time to give back. 9 times out of 10, someone spent extra time with me. I feel like I should spend extra time with those coming up behind me,” Watson said.

One of those, sophomore Casey Fore, is having a positive experience in the ROTC program.

“I’ve learned a lot about working with people from different backgrounds,” the sophomore said. “We all grew up differently but no matter the circumstances, we all have to work together.”

SC State’s ROTC program averages around 160 cadets.

Gamble says that these cadets are the next generation of leaders in the US Army.

“Sit here and find out who will be the next [general officer], because there will be more,” Gamble said.

SC State’s president Alexander Conyers is also a retired Army colonel.

EPA, local officials discuss impact of electric school buses on SC school districts

ORANGEBURG, S.C. (WCSC) - Three Lowcountry school districts received grants as part of the Environments Protection Agency’s Clean Electric School Bus Program.U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-South Carolina) and State Superintendent Molly Spearman was joined by Orangeburg County Schools Superintendent Dr. Shawn Foster and representatives from the EPA to discuss the impacts of those grants on Tuesday.“This gives these bus drivers here you see sitting on the front row a device and a tool, a classroom of theirs, that they can b...

ORANGEBURG, S.C. (WCSC) - Three Lowcountry school districts received grants as part of the Environments Protection Agency’s Clean Electric School Bus Program.

U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-South Carolina) and State Superintendent Molly Spearman was joined by Orangeburg County Schools Superintendent Dr. Shawn Foster and representatives from the EPA to discuss the impacts of those grants on Tuesday.

“This gives these bus drivers here you see sitting on the front row a device and a tool, a classroom of theirs, that they can be proud of,” Foster said. “To say not only do we value what you do, we’re going to put something behind it and give you the resources where you can have a smooth ride because even though they’re driving, they’re riding on this bus too.”

Nearly 400 school districts across the country were awarded close to $1 billion for buses powered by propane, electricity or compressed natural gas. South Carolina’s share of that figure totaled $58 million, which ranks third behind California and New York.

The Orangeburg County School District and the Georgetown County School District each received $6.32 million in grants after both districts requested 16 electric school buses each. Dorchester School District Four received $3.16 million after a request for eight electric school buses.

Foster said 75% of the district’s 11,000 students depend on a school bus, traveling about 1.3 million miles yearly.

“With the addition of these buses, less than 10% of our total bus fleet will be older than 9 years,” Foster said.

Inside of the school bus, it’s like any other school bus with rows of bench seating that can seat over 70 children, but all the similarities end there.

The EPA said the 16 electric buses awarded to Orangeburg will remove 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide over the buses’ lifespan.

“We’re also excited to know that children in the city will enjoy a pollution-free ride to and from school while school districts will have an annual fuel saving cost of at least 25,000 gallons of diesel,” EPA Regional Administrator Daniel Blackman said.

State Superintendent Molly Spearman believes the new buses could be an inspiration for students.

“We hope students that you’ll think about and ask questions about, ‘How does it work? Why are we doing it? How far can we take this?’” Spearman said.

The State Department of Education said for the 148 buses, they would need to install at least 60 charging stations across the state to accommodate them.

They also said they hope to start seeing the school buses funded by the grant on the road in the next eight to 10 months.

Copyright 2022 WCSC. All rights reserved.

ORANGEBURG COUNTY COUNCIL: Plans to build townhouses on Willington Drive rejected

A developer's plans to have property on Willington Drive rezoned to allow for the construction of townhouses off of Willington Drive in Orangeburg were unanimously denied by Orangeburg County Council.Mount Pleasant-based M&P Land LLC initially requested the property be rezoned from single-family residential to residential general but both the Orangeburg County Planning Commission and County Council denied the project due to a number of concerns raised by neighbors.According to the county's planning department, 10 residents ...

A developer's plans to have property on Willington Drive rezoned to allow for the construction of townhouses off of Willington Drive in Orangeburg were unanimously denied by Orangeburg County Council.

Mount Pleasant-based M&P Land LLC initially requested the property be rezoned from single-family residential to residential general but both the Orangeburg County Planning Commission and County Council denied the project due to a number of concerns raised by neighbors.

According to the county's planning department, 10 residents expressed opposition to the rezoning for townhouses.

In light of this, Orangeburg County Council on Tuesday unanimously did not approve the rezoning request. The Orangeburg County Planning Commission had previously denied the request 6-1.

Instead of building townhouses, M&P will now plan to develop single-family homes as allowed by the county's zoning ordinance.

"Homes are sorely needed for the community with the influx of all these new jobs coming," M&P Land LLC co-owner Andrew Silver said. "Orangeburg really needs homes."

The homes will be one and two-story with three, four and five-bedroom plans, Silver said.

The homes will range from 1,300 to 2,300 square feet.

The home builder will be McGuinn Homes.

Silver said about 45 acres of the 97-acre piece of property will be developed. He said about 30% of the property is wetlands.

"It will be a really nice development," he said, noting a good portion of the land will be dedicated to nature in order to to take advantage of the wetlands as well as having trails and green spaces. "We want to take advantage of the beauty of the land. It makes a nice environment for people to live in."

The 97-acre property, which is currently undeveloped, would have primary access from Willington Drive as well as access from Sheriff Boulevard.

The project still needs approval by the county to proceed.

According to Zoning Department documents, the property does not fall within a flood plain but does have wetlands in the lower southern portion of the property.

Properties to the north, east and west are zoned residential single-family and properties to the south are zoned commercial general and residential general.

The property is bordered by Kensington and Hillview subdivisions to the north and the west and Willington Lake Apartments to the southeast.

The area is a mixture of residential, public institutional, commercial and undeveloped properties, according to the county's zoning documents.

Council Vice Chair Janie Cooper-Smith expressed concerns that even though the rezoning request has been denied, development plans for a single-family residential development with the volume of homes listed on the initial application -- of about 155 -- is still a concern.

"That would still be an influx of traffic for North Road," Cooper-Smith said. "I don't know how many are out there already."

Orangeburg County Administrator Harold Young said M&P would still have to submit a set of plans for the property development and would have to get approval from the SCDOT for traffic volume.

"If it was too much traffic, they would not allow it and he would not be able to put that amount without lowering it to lower the amount of cars that would influx on the North Road and Willington Drive area," Young said.

"We obviously will have to do a traffic study, but we are limited to what we can develop on the site," Silver said. "We will embrace the wetlands, we will embrace the people's concerns."

Silver said, "We will work within the confines of what the SCDOT requires."

As a result, Silver said he has not finalized the number of homes to be built for the development.

Prior to council's denial of the request, a couple of residents expressed their concerns about the project. They requested that the zoning not change because doing so could open the door to a number of different types of housing units.

"There is an awfully lot of unanswered questions," Orangeburg resident Lester Paquette said. "It needs to stay single-family."

Orangeburg resident Calvin Wright also asked if the proposed development is the same one that council denied in August.

The proposal called for rezoning about 25 acres of property on Worthington Drive to residential single-family for the purpose of building 37 homes. Worthington Drive is off of North Road just past the former Medicap Pharmacy.

He was informed it is a different project. That company -- Home Grown Property Management LLC -- was tasked with finding an alternative access to the property. The company has yet to submit a new proposal.

The Willington Drive development is not the only project M&P Land LLC is planning.

The company has announced a residential development on Bruin Parkway across from Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School’s ball fields.

That development, named the Park at Wilkinson, will include 156 single-family homes on 60 acres. Groundbreaking on that project is planned for around January 2023 with first availability in July or August 2023.

In August 2020, Silver also announced plans to build what is called the Sixo 1 Project, with dining, retail, entertainment, lodging and residential uses.

The project is located off U.S. Highway 601 near Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College.

The project, which was slowed due to the pandemic, is expected to move forward.

"It has been slow but it is moving forward," Silver said. "It has been a long haul."

Kuntai establishing operations in Orangeburg County

$1.5 million investment will create 41 new jobs COLUMBIA, S.C. – ...

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Kuntai (North Charleston) Limited Corporation (Kuntai), an automotive parts manufacturer, today announced plans to establish operations in Orangeburg County. The company’s $1.5 million investment will create 41 new jobs.

Kuntai specializes in car floor mats and is a supplier for high-end original equipment manufacturers.

Located at 152 Regional Parkway, Building F, in Orangeburg, Kuntai’s new facility will allow the company to produce floor mats and will be used as a base to further expand its business in the North American market.

Operations are expected to be online by October 2022. Individuals interested in joining the Kuntai team should email resumesto the company.


“Kuntai (North Charleston) Limited Corporation is excited to open its new floor mats factory in Orangeburg, South Carolina. We chose South Carolina as our new facility location because of the business-friendly environment, its skilled workforce and proximity to our customers. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship and will definitely consider South Carolina for all future projects.” -Kuntai (North Charleston) Limited Corporation General Manager Vincent Zhang

“South Carolina is home to more than 600 automotive-related companies, and we are proud to add Kuntai to that impressive roster. We congratulate them on their $1.5 million investment that will create 41 new jobs and welcome them to South Carolina and Orangeburg County.” -Gov. Henry McMaster

“Kuntai’s decision to establish new operations in South Carolina is a testament to our world-class workforce. We are excited for these job opportunities in Orangeburg County and look forward to a strong partnership with Kuntai for many years to come.” -Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III

“We are grateful that Kuntai has selected Orangeburg County for its cutting-edge manufacturing operations and its state-of-the-art facility. This announcement by Kuntai brings 30 international companies representing 17 countries to Orangeburg County. The creation of 41 new jobs will create significant impact for our citizens and the investment in our community. We thank the Kuntai leadership and investors for believing in our people and location – making this another great day in Orangeburg County!” -Orangeburg County Council Chairman Johnnie Wright Sr.

Pet Supplies Plus establishing distribution center in Orangeburg County

$53 million investment will create 275 new jobs COLUMBIA, S.C. – ...

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Pet Supplies Plus, a leading, full-service pet retail company, today announced plans to establish a new distribution center in Orangeburg County. The company’s $53 million investment will create 275 new jobs.

Founded in 1988, Pet Supplies Plus, a subsidiary of Franchise Group, Inc., is one of the largest pet retail franchises in the United States, offering customers a wide assortment of natural pet foods, goods and services. Located in 40 states, Pet Supplies Plus has more than 630 stores, the majority of which are independently owned and operated by franchisees.

Located in the Shamrock Commerce Center at the intersection of U.S. 301 and Interstate 26 at Exit 154, the company’s new, state-of-the-art distribution center will increase its distribution capabilities across the Southeast. The new operation will be the company’s fourth distribution center located within the U.S.

Operations are expected to begin in early 2023, and readySC will assist with the recruitment process. For more information on opportunities with Pet Supplies Plus, visit the company’s careers page.

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to this project.


“The new distribution center is a win-win for the Orangeburg community, Pet Supplies Plus and pet parents across the United States. The distribution center will create highly desirable logistics jobs, as well as allow for efficient distribution of a wide assortment of pet products to Pet Supplies Plus stores in the region.” -Pet Supplies Plus Chief Executive Officer Chris Rowland

“With its strategic location, Orangeburg County is brimming with potential, and this major $53 million investment is proof of that. We thank Pet Supplies Plus for its commitment to our state and people.” -Gov. Henry McMaster

“What a vote of confidence for South Carolina that Pet Supplies Plus is opening its fourth U.S. distribution center within our borders. We appreciate the company’s commitment to South Carolina and look forward to the transformative impact of these job opportunities in Orangeburg County.”-Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III

“Orangeburg County welcomes Pet Supplies Plus to our community. Pet Supplies Plus’ decision to locate in Orangeburg County is a testament to our quality workforce, unique location and pro-business environment. We are truly grateful for their investment in our county and our citizens.” -Orangeburg County Council Chairman Johnnie Wright Sr.

“Thank you, Pet Supplies Plus, for selecting Orangeburg County as the site of your newest distribution facility. It is a big win for the local community and skilled workers who will benefit from the plentiful number of job opportunities that will become available to them in the coming year. That’s a great outcome for us all.” -Central SC Alliance Chairman Matthew Shaffer


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